Fort Washington

The name Louis Kahn is often spoken in the same breath as Frank Lloyd Wright, IM Pei, Frank Gehry, and other internationally influential and famous architects of the 20th century.

Kahn is renowned for creating some of the world’s great institutional and monumental structures, but throughout his career he also thought and spoke about, designed and re-designed many different kinds of dwellings. In the end only nine of his private homes were built, all in the Philadelphia area.

One of which is the Kahn Korman house, located in Fort Washington, PA.



Three years before his death, in 1971, Kahn accepted Steven and Toby Korman’s commission to design a six-bedroom house. This was his last house, and it is a masterpiece that synthesized many of the themes of his career: the creation of space with structure and light, the clear distinction between materials, and a deep sense of order.


The internationally recognized Kahn Korman house has since inspired visits from architects, students, and historians alike. It is a destination that reveals how he created and understood domestic space. Visiting the house invites a new encounter with the qualities which define Kahn’s masterworks: respect for his chosen materials, disciplined detailing, thoughtful siting, and a sensitive “choreography” of structure and natural light.


Today the house is a year-round home for a second generation of the Korman family, Larry and Korrin.


Great Estates has overseen and managed all of the renovations to the property.


We continue to provide direction and management in a way that preserves Kahn’s original unconventional and enduring vision of the American country home.