Eisenbrock Family

Building our home with SpectraCon was an incredibly positive, rewarding experience.  Each member of the team was professional, responsive, communicative, patient, and thorough throughout the entire process.  While we can think of a number of reasons to work with SpectraCon, we truly can't think of a reason not to!

Larry Korman

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend SpectraCon for any new build or renovation that you are planning to do. I have not only worked for over two decades with Rich, Kenny and Patrick at my business, but also at my home - which is the final residence completed by renown architect, Louis Kahn. With each project, the SpectraCon team exceeds expectations and are always competent and compassionate in their pursuit. It does not matter if it is a small renovation or large construction, they have the experience to complete the job on time, on budget, and at the high level you and they expect.

Dash Family

SpectraCon helped us to bring our vision to life.  Their quality, professionalism, realistic estimates and timelines, and access to incredible materials is a rare find today.  We’re already looking forward to our next project together.

Brian E. Mann

OMNIA Architects' latest signature, modern, oceanfront home, was large, complex and demanded an unusually skilled general contractor with a special commitment to craft. Spectracon exceeded our expectations under uniquely challenging pandemic and supply chain disruptions. Their building knowledge is unmatched, they were organized, anticipating critical needs for necessary information and collaboration and they expertly balanced timing, quality, and cost in the context of demanding design, demanding client, and strained suppliers and vendors. Like a great coach, Rich Hubbert infuses a sense of team that has everyone pulling together towards the goal of an exceptional building. All this suffused with a calm, pleasant can-do demeanor, honesty, and integrity that made the effort from bid to occupancy a real pleasure. The result is astonishing, and we really couldn't have achieved it without the incredible Spectracon team.